Lüneburg tips

Hanseatic City of Lüneburg
The salt and heath metropolis near Hamburg

Delve into the 1050 year old salt town of Lüneburg with its countless sights and interesting history all around the salt. In the Middle Ages it was this “White Gold” that brought light and fame to today’s Hanseatic City. Due to the excellent location and high supply of salt, Lüneburg quickly became one of the most important and wealthy Hanseatic Cities. Especially the old part of town –where our B&B is located – reflects the charm of medieval times.

But Lüneburg’s attractions don’t only lie in the past. A fresh breeze comes in by being a University town. Behind old facades lure modern shops and rustic pubs with “the little something”: with more than 350 restaurants, beer gardens and cafes, Lüneburg holds the record with the highest pub density of Germany.

Stroll through the abundant amount of museums, visit the fascinating churches and ample old houses with their typical Lüneburg architectural structure – the stair gable. The town is ideal to shop, feast and stroll. Due to the presence of the students, the cultural- and night life of the town is very active.

Walk the path to the shooting locations of the German Soap Opera “Rote Rosen” (Red Roses), which is aired daily on National TV. Visit the Theater or, for the health seeking person, indulge in a day spa at the thermal salt bath.

Within 35 min by train you are in the centre of Hamburg or half an hour’s drive in the car will take you to the heart of the heath and the Elbe river.

Under these addresses you will find more information about Lüneburg and the surrounding area:

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